Dana Chandler

"If the Shoe Fits,
Hear It!"

About the website

On this website you will be able to view the works and learn about the life of the world famous artist and social activist Dana Chandler. In association with Northeastern Crossing and the Lower Roxbury Black History Project, we encourage you to explore and learn about this amazing and influential artist, and consider the lessons of his work in relation to our world today.

About the artist

Dana Chandler was Born in 1941 in the Roxbury area of Massachusetts. He displayed an early passion for art and social activism, and found a powerful means of expression in combining the two. He graduated from MassArt in 1967 with a B.S. in Teacher Education which he quickly put to use after being hired as a professor at SImmons College as an art professor. He would later gain professorship and Northeastern University as well, where he would found the African American Master Artist-in-Residence Program, and organization dedicated to the advancement of black art and artists.

As an artists he became world renowned for his unapologetically direct and provocative art pieces, one of the most well known being Fred Hampton's Door 2. His work appeared in countless museums, galleries, and writings throughout his career. As well as being a prolific and sought after orator on topics of race relations, the power of art in modern culture, and much more. He has since retired from teaching though he still remains in the fight against global injustices, and his work has undoubtedly inspired many to follow in his footsteps.

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